Easter - 2 jkEaster was a shy girl from one of the County of San Diego animal shelters. She was taken in by Prairie Pit Bull Rescue and EJ Rescue in June of this year, and has been officially adopted!

Her new name is Shiva, and she is enjoying her life as a new Canadian. ARRF has it on good authority that her forever dad is spoiling her rotten, but in a good way — the way all dogs should be spoiled!

Special thanks to so many people who helped this sweet girl get to her new life: Kathy Mc, Pam Rosenberg Harris, Hannah Carter, Tiffany Shields, Mierna Lepine, EJ Rescue and Prairie Pit Bull Rescue. Others who were instrumental in making sure this girl got a fresh start were Bernice Friedman, president of ARRF, Carolyn Olivier, Ally Grodinho, Isabel Lomeli, Tony Mir, Jill Seifert-Geiger, April Palmer, Lauren Jackson, Chelsea Jamet, Suzanne Critchfield, Sue Cote and Terry Phillips. What a wonderful team effort and it really paid off!