My name is Sarah Dale. In October 2007, we adopted a terrier mix puppy from ARRF. I am happy to report he is STILL with us and is STILL just like our baby. In 2010, Rascal welcomed a sister into his life. Keira Isabella Dale was born June 28th, 2010. They have been inseparable since. In April 2011, however we had to send Rascal for a 1.5 year-long vacation to Florida to live with my cousin as we had to move into base housing in CA and were told NO DOGS ALLOWED. I couldn’t bear to give him up, so my cousin, who had a large backyard and lots of love to give, kept him for us. 

In Dec 2012, we left California and moved to Virginia. We stopped in Florida and picked Rascal up. He remembered us and was quite ready to get in our car. Rascal and Keira are both STILL inseparable, and as a family we are now living in our OWN home, also with a backyard, here in Chesapeake Virginia. 

Andrew, Sarah, Keira and Rascal Dale