Georgia – we call her Georgie – is doing very well. She is fitting in with us and our routines quite well these days. Although it’s been awhile since we adopted her, her foster mom Eileen was kind enough to babysit twice for scheduled trips out of town. Now that we’ve been back for a couple of weeks we’ve started her in beginner obedience class and are looking forward to getting her started in agility training. She’s not only very active but smart and we think that she will thrive learning new skills like this.

 From the moment she met my husband, Georgie has been crazy in love with him. She follows him around all day, whines a little when he leaves the house and likes to sleep on our bed with us. She would actually prefer to burrow down under our covers – but I had to draw the line somewhere! She seems to be quite a little luxury hound. She is minding very well, learns quickly and seems to be quite happy. Each time we picked her up from Eileen’s Georgie appeared to be over the moon to see us return, and we missed her as soon as we dropped her off. I think we made a great choice and we’re delighted that ARRF was there to save her . Here’s a picture of Georgie playing in the back yard. ~  Ann