Mocha, a very happy one-year-old Pit Bull, was showcased at a recent PetSmart event in Encinitas. A gentlemen named Brad, who was at the mall to pick up some items for his wife, just happened to stop by the event. He had actually been at another event to see a specific dog; however, that dog apparently was not the least bit interested in him and actually was rather protective of its handler. He had been looking for a dog — specifically,a Pit Bull — as he and his wife had recently lost a 14-year-old Pit Bull. He immediately was very interested in Mocha. Although Mocha could have gone home with him that day, he was going to have to wait to adopt her as his wife had just had surgery that week and would need a couple of weeks to recover.

Once the two weeks were past, he drove from Encinitas to Bonita and adopted Mocha. She took about one hour to settle in to her new home which she shares with Brad, his wife Yvonne, and Mocha’s new sister Peaches, also a female Pit Bull. Brad says, “She (Mocha) is definitely a Mama’s girl.”