Mojo, Miss Violet and Domino’sforever mom says: “We adopted THREE kittens in 2010, and we love them so much! We feel blessed to have them in our lives. They are playful and mellow, all at the same time.

We named them MoJo, Miss Violet, and Domino. MoJo is definitely the friendliest. He’ll follow any of us around, meowing, until we show him some attention. Miss Vilolet is a bit more timid, but also very loving. She is truly my love … sits with me wherever I am. Domino is more solitary, although he plays with his brother and sister all the time. He would rather be on his own more than the other two. He’s the largest and strongest. They continue to be indoor cats – – and on the rare occasion when they have snuck out, they tend to stop and look to one of us knowing we’ll come and get them. They are happy indoors – and we plan to keep them in always.

They all do very well with all of the boys. They curl up on their backpacks at night when the boys are sleeping, or their clothing, or whatever they can find!  They typically sleep together (pictured) in that wagon – or on their big bed.  They also love to sleep on the end of our bed.  We love them so much and are forever grateful that you trusted us with all three!  They are so much a part of our lives and we all adore them.  I really think they are happy.  They are so ‘good’ … never hiss or bite – they are super kind.”