Gus, a 12 pound, 2-year-old neutered Chihuahua mix, has been adopted. He has a new name, Kuma, which means prince, and a new sister named Sachi, which means princess. Kuma’s forever mom says Kuma has made himself right at home in a very short time. Within five days of meeting, Kuma and Sachi began sharing beds, toys, sun and shade. She continues, “We are one big happy family now that Kuma has joined our family, and he is helping Sachi have a better quality of life (Sachi was diagnosed last year with Cushing’s Disease, an autoimmune disease). Kuma has brought new life to our home and our hearts. We all count our blessings each and every day. Learning from our fur babies is a priceless gift. Thank you, ARRF!”