Jasper’s foster mom tells his story: “Jasper was having a hard time at the shelter and hated living in a cage. I took him home to foster for ARRF on a Saturday in May, 2011. The wonderful ARRF website volunteers immediately put Jasper on Petfinder and AdoptA-Pet right away, and 4 days later, I got a phone call from a woman in San Francisco who had recently lost a Snowshoe Siamese and had been looking on Petfinder for months to find another Snowshoe. She just knew when she saw Jasper’s photos and video that he was the cat for her, and she and her husband had to have him! They drove all the way down from San Francisco that Friday to pick up Jasper and immediately fell in love with him. He now has full run of a 3000 square foot home, complete with some very high tech kitty condos, tons of toys, and loads of attention. He follows his new mom and dad around all over the house – even into the bathroom! He is one lucky and adored cat!”