Lola and kidsShelley, now Lola, was showcased at an ARRF event in Encinitas. The family that adopted her just happened to drive by that day (photo at right). They had been wanting a Pitbull because they had recently lost theirs to illness. Because Lola still needed to be altered, they had to wait from Saturday evening until Tuesday morning and travel from Encinitas to Bonita to pay for her, and THEN come back later in the week to adopt her.  In spite of the many miles, time, and patience needed to make this all happen, it obviously was worth it. Lola looks like she’s been a member of this family for years!

And may we add that our wonderful ARRF volunteer, Mary Swanson, also burned up the highways driving from La Mesa to Bonita to fetch Lola for our adoption event and bring her to Encinitas, and then returned her to the Bonita shelter.

EVERYONE in this story deserves an “A” for effort and commitment!